Credit Calculator (Annuity Calculator)


Theoretical Basis for Annuity Loans in Annuity Loans. You can enter in the calculator the original amount of your loan (convert it into Swiss francs at today’s exchange rate), the interest rate (plus management fees, if any), the maturity date and when you took out the loan.

From this he calculates your monthly repayment and your total cost of interest

From this he calculates your monthly repayment and your total cost of interest

And shows you how much interest and capital you are paying monthly from month to month. (Because you can’t handle the frequent fluctuation of interest rates, it only provides a good approximation.)

If you roll down to today, you can see how much of your outstanding debt is today, and what percentage of your current payment goes to interest and how much to repay your capital.

If you are thinking of a loan redemption

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Copying the remaining debt to the appropriate yellow box in the second column, and specifying what interest rate and cost you would be able to redeem your loan for now, you can see how much you would save on a redemption or try it is worth considering at all. (If you still pay interest below 6%, you probably aren’t worth the macera. Well-earning clients can now redeem their loans at around 5%.)

If you are down to today, you can also see how many months have passed since your loan. Write this in the second column as well, and the calculator will calculate how much you will still pay if you do not pay off your loan.

I hope this calculator helps you see how you are on your loan, how your interest and principal ratio changes over the term of the installment, and by adjusting the parameters, you can see visually how much an interest rate increase or decrease means a change in the maturity regarding your full payment.


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