Gold credit card – how to get it, what opportunities does it offer?

Is it possible to have a card that emphasizes the high status of the owner and brings additional opportunities? What does it involve and is it worth applying for? All questions regarding the status of the zloty cannot be left unanswered, which is why we encourage you to read our article and the necessary information it contains.

Simply put – a credit card, which has a gold status, confirms and emphasizes the huge creditworthiness and prestige. So if for someone having a regular credit card is a sign of luxury, then the gold card goes even higher. Often in the cinematography the situation of a business dinner is presented, in which one of the participants pays for everything with a gold element. This is the easiest and best way to illustrate the meaning and purpose of such a card.


Gold credit card – what is its foundation?

Gold credit card - what is its foundation?

The main premise and advantage of having this card is prestige. In addition, a prepared insurance package is often assigned to cards. Of course, the terms of these insurances vary, depending on the bank that assigns the gold card status. Often, insurance also covers travel, which can be extremely attractive to businessmen. In addition, a bad card is accepted all over the world, including Europe. Therefore, it facilitates transactions and purchases abroad. What’s more – the conversion of dollars into the selected and appropriate currency can be more favorable than in the case of money changers.


How to get it

credit cards

Getting a gold credit card is harder than we might think. Contrary to appearances, these requirements are not imposed by income. Many banks give you the opportunity to get cards from incomes exceeding 1000 dollars per month.
So where is this difficulty?

  • in the capacity of annual fees for a card – it costs a lot to have a card. Some generate fees exceeding even several hundred dollars a year, so it’s worth guessing that some of those willing to give up already at this stage. So those who are left with additional costs of this type do not cause problems or worrying financial debts. Interestingly, in the case of frequent purchases, some fees may be waived
  • banks impose limits – quantitative or valuable – this means that a certain amount of payments must be made or a specific amount must be spent (e.g. 300 transactions or $ 3,000 spent). These limits vary depending on the bank

To receive a gold card you must have income and, above all, a good history in the bank. After familiarizing yourself with the bank’s offer, create an application and then expect a decision from the bank. You can also read the agreements at this stage. For questions, it’s a good idea to first submit an inquiry and then to submit a prepared application. Each bank is obliged to inform about nuances that bother us. It is worth looking on the websites for such documents as: tariff of fees and commissions, interest rate tables, card issuing regulations, complaint regulations.

Most often, it is recommended to complete the application at a bank branch, but nevertheless banks are increasingly launching this option on their websites.


Gold Pennies Bank card

credit cards

Also known as Pennies Bank MasterCard Gold. It is a form of card that participates in the loyalty program, for which various types of rewards are awarded. Special points are earned for transactions, which are then redeemable for rewards available in the bank’s offer. The decision primarily depends on the creditworthiness of the future owner. The actual interest rate on the card exceeds 10%. The card application can be filled out via the form on the Bank’s website.


Gold Nbank card

Gold Nbank card

Called MasterCard Debit Gold PayPass. I offer $ 0 deductions from withdrawals from every ATM in the world. The monthly fee for the card is $ 10, and if the annual transaction is exceeded by $ 2,000, this amount is returned to the owner. There are no so-called annual fees. The card can be ordered by phone, at a bank branch or online. This type of card can be paid traditionally, contactlessly and online.

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