Loan for bad credit online -Need cash fast? Get your easy low credit loan online

Need cash fast? Get your easy low credit loan online

People with bad and low credit have the option to apply for an easy low credit loan online as soon as they meet the same conditions.

The providers of corporate loans are numerous, but the associated services of many financial institutions and financing platforms are inadequate. Typically, a private corporate loan is debt that is used by seed companies as start-up funding and is used by existing companies to finance expansion plans. Company loans are usually checked individually.

There are many corporate lenders, but the associated services of many financial institutions and financial platforms are inadequate. The very large corporate customers are recruited by the banks and are pleased about attractive additional offers, while for small and medium-sized enterprises often only largely maintenance-free standard products are left. Corporate loan from the Sparkasse – old wine in new bottles?

On closer inspection, both institutions are pursuing a similar concern, especially the large medium-sized companies with a better offer to advertise. For us this means medium-sized companies with several hundred employees and a turnover in the upper 2 to 3 digit mill. This is not wrong per se, but these additional services are not of interest to all medium-sized companies or not at all.

The additional services include, for example, the cash management of several company accounts, ie the profitable investment of cash holdings or the reconciliation between a high-interest minus account and another account deposit. Financed with the amount of a business – a service desert? As a rule, it also works quite normally for the various financial platforms in the network that work according to the principle of mass credit or mass investment.

Working capital

Working capital

Indeed, it is quite sufficient for many companies to obtain working capital, ie working capital and cash, on reasonable terms. Small businesses in particular do not need more services from the bank or the platform provider – they have to pay for their further work. Only small and medium-sized businesses have this phenomenon, which requires slightly more power and not just the availability of liquid funds.

However, this makes them too unattractive for credit institutions as corporate customers with an integrated service package; however, they are too big for many public financing platforms and they should not rely on services. In order to continue to finance these medium-sized companies on an on-demand basis, we have expanded our pure public financing offer – the traditional granting of loans by private investors to companies – and are the only possible way to combine all types of financing in the mass segment under one common name.

The classic loans continue to be crowd-lending projects for small and medium-sized enterprises in every phase of their operations. This business segment was extended by short-term working capital loans with a more favorable repayment structure for the companies. Of course, further financing is also possible, but for the companies it is linked to the preparation of an investor prospectus. Unlike other providers, we not only advertise with these amounts, but have already co-financed larger loans through the trading platform.

According to the law, more contract documents such as an Asset Information Sheet (VIB) approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority have to be prepared and submitted to investors for inspection. In addition, the institute offers a comprehensive service package for all companies with financial needs. This includes a marketing strategy consisting of a separate project page and a company video, which is available to medium-sized companies after self-financing or presentation.

The service package also includes the offensive advertising of companies and their financing projects in social media, from special banners on partner websites to editorial contributions in financial magazines. The overall performance for the companies includes the full production of these advertising materials, the required contracts, credit inquiries, the BaFin registration, the administration of the complete payment transactions between investors, trading platform and operation as well as the complete investor advisory during the project by the Helpdesk of the trading platform.

Also not for the settlement of interest and principal payments to investors over the entire repayment period. This is the added value that we have for our customers. The digitization process of the financial sector continues unabated – this is now also true for online corporate loans. Even today, the classic banking transactions such. For example, money transfer via online transfer or the purchase of shares via online access to securities accounts from anywhere and at any time possible.

The range of online financing solutions continues to grow. The range includes mobile payment systems, credit comparisons, real-time cross-border credit transfers, online business loans, peer-to-peer lending, various forms of mass financing and social commerce. In the banking environment, many new offers are being created by the numerous fintech start-ups and are driving digitalization in the financial sector ever further.

For companies and digital fintech vendors alike: whoever stands still and wants to do without innovations, can have lost contact with them very quickly and will soon only exist as a myth. And who still speaks today of formerly dominant and innovative companies such. Eg Nokia or Kodaks? Whether medium-sized companies, large companies or start-ups in the fintech sector – who wants to maintain and expand its market position, must create easily accessible, clear and individually designed offers that allow the consumer comfort and speed on all communication channels.

The digital implementation not only includes new and easy-to-apply offers, but also the future-oriented orientation and implementation on the digital processes in companies. Apply online for a corporate loan and reinforce your own digital marketing concept.

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