Active Shooter Remote Survival Program – Online Response Training Course Updated

With this announcement, the training institution is providing life-saving training to help people survive a life-threatening situation that is becoming commonplace in the country.

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Also available as an online course, the program gives more people the opportunity to learn practical survival skills that are easy to implement in life-threatening situations.

According to the company, most people risk their lives and the lives of others wasting precious time trying to figure out what to do once filming begins. Alternatively, they might also become an easy target due to the freezing fear. Both situations are dangerous and can lead to death. He added that knowing what to do in these situations is paramount to survival.

This course will teach students the mindset they need, situational awareness and the ALIVE 5-Step Rescue Program. They will also learn why active shooters do what they do and the actual physical steps they must take to survive the attack.

The training program is designed to help students recognize potentially violent events before they happen, as well as the ALIVE survival measures to take to save their lives when faced with acts of violence.

Other topics taught include overcoming the instinct to freeze and being confident in knowing how to react appropriately.

The comprehensive 3-hour program includes a survivor’s story, proper survival mindset training, statistics, and the concepts behind the “proactively reactionary” mentality.

As for the shooter, the course explains what the warning signs are, why they kill, what they do and don’t fear.

Thereafter, the course goes into detail about preparing students for a safety and survival mindset, along with visualization exercises and case studies.

It is followed by practical exercises. Additionally, students also have access to additional resources including the ALIVE Survival Handbook and e-book downloads.

A company spokesperson said: “The information in this program is essential for everyone to learn in case they find themselves in an active shooter situation so that they can see the people who love and depend on them again. new.”

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Name: Michel Julien
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Organization: ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program
Address: 25020 Las Brisas Road, Murrieta, CA 92562, USA
Phone: +1-833-992-5483

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