AEW Removes MJF From Online Roster And Merchandise Shop

In the latest twist in the ongoing feud between MJF and AEW itself, the company has removed the artist’s presence from its website entirely.

In the latest twist in the rapidly evolving saga between MJF and AEW, the company has removed Friedman’s merchandise and biography entirely from its website. Fans attempting to purchase MJF gear encounter a 404 error, indicating that the page was not found when it no longer appears on their listing page at all. Searching for MJF on the storefront will still show his matching shirts and products, but attempting to click on any of them will result in the same 404 Page Not Found error.

This appears to be part of the worked out shoot promo that MJF gave on the June 1 edition of Wednesday night dynamite. During this pipe bomb rant, The Salt Of The Earth spoke for over eight minutes, airing their grievances with both the company itself and AEW founder Tony Khan. A blasphemous tirade near the end of the segment led to Friedman’s mic being cut off and AEW’s commercial being cut. The home audience didn’t witness this, but CM Punk came down to the ring to confront MJF before flying into the crowd.


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In a small stroke of genius, no one on AEW’s commentary team responded to what MJF had said – instead, he continued the show as if nothing had happened. There were no references to Friedman for the rest of the show, and some time during June 2, Friedman was removed from At this time, MJF hasn’t come forward on social media, but somewhat hilariously, the link on his profile page is for his showcase with AEW.

MJF AEW Contract Update

It definitely gets fun. Fans are clamoring to call this the new Summer of Punk, but that’s definitely not how things play out in AEW. The public should talk about his next match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door, but they are not. There’s also not much talk regarding the rumored Okada vs. Hangman Adam Page for the same show. Wardlow should be a talking point after massively overtaking at double or nothing, but it is not. Johnny Elite wrestled for AEW for the second time, and Miro made his long-awaited return, but, again, those events gained little ground over the unfolding saga of MJF.

For this generation of wrestling fans, it’s sport at its finest: when the line between what happens in the ring and what happens behind the scenes begins to blur. This angle should feel like home to those who were in the audience during the Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era. MJF certainly leaves his mark on the hard-working shoots, but there’s still a real grain of truth amid everything he says. He’s not earning as much as the old WWE guys, and he’s not happy about that. It’s hard to blame him too, which is why the audience at AEW Wednesday night dynamite ended up cheering on MJF, though he crushed them almost the entire time.

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