Are you preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, Banking or SSC? Here’s how you can make the most of your time!

Preparing for UPSC, Banking or SSC exams and feel like you just don’t have enough time? Here’s how you can maximize your time and learn something new, anytime, anywhere!

If you are preparing for the UPSC, Banking, SSC or IBPS exams, you must have tried different study techniques, processes and styles. Whether it’s referencing old notes from old toppers, study material shared by different coaching centers or tutors, using old reference books or video lectures; there is an abundance of study material they can use to their advantage today. But despite so many resources at their disposal, most aspirants find it difficult to complete even the basics to pass these highly competitive exams.

Experts call this phenomenon the “scarcity-abundance dichotomy.” Whereas before, seekers suffered from a lack of resources to study, today the abundance of them has created so much confusion and chaos that they do not know how to use them. Essentially, the challenge was never about the availability of study materials and resources, but about how effectively they could use them.

Audio Learning – Learn anything, anywhere

The great Albert Einstein – one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, is often attributed with the quote “You can’t get different results doing the same things.” And that is exactly what aspirants need to consider when trying to be the BEST of the BEST. Therefore, using the same old techniques to prepare for UPSC, PSC and other exams might not be enough. They have to try something new, something revolutionary that can give them a competitive edge over others. And that’s where audio learning for competitive exams comes into play.

Audio-based learning or auditory learning offers candidates a new and unique way to study for competitive exams without being tethered to their desks or screens. It’s a way to learn something new, anytime, anywhere! Aspirants can take audio preparation for UPSC and Banking exams even if they are engaged in any other activity; traveling to and from work or school, cooking or doing any other work. This makes audio learning a very effective tool for competition candidates.

Convert non-learning time to learning time

When it comes to studying for competitions, there are two key phases or cycles of learning modules, namely captive learning and passive learning. Captive learning is the stage where you actively gather knowledge using traditional tools and techniques through books, video lectures, or any other visual form of learning. This is the first level or preliminary level in which you only collect, record and save the information, without too much retention or conceptual clarity. This form of learning takes place in a formal classroom with the help of a tutor or instructor.

This stage is followed by passive learning, which involves recalling, revising, and self-studying the concepts to gain better and deeper conceptual clarity of the topic. Audio learning is considered one of the most effective passive learning tools by experts with over 80% recall and retention. Audio learning helps you convert your non-learning time into learning time and thus aids your overall preparation for UPSC, banking, and other competitive exams. This has resulted in a huge time saver for the aspirants, for whom time is their greatest asset and most scarce resource.

Screenless learning

During the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges students have faced is fatigue and eye strain from continuous exposure to screens. As we moved towards online learning, virtual classes became normal for everyone, regardless of student readiness. Moreover, learning via a screen is not an experience suitable for everyone; because not everyone can afford the necessary technology and tools. Moreover, visual learning in online mode is full of distractions and often fails to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

This is where audio learning has presented itself as an effective alternative for UPSC, Banking and SSC preparation. One of the biggest benefits of audio-based learning is complete student focus, attention, and retention. Audio learning provides a truly immersive learning experience for the mind, where it can capture, decode, and retain information and concepts directly without props or distractions. Additionally, it does not present any of the challenges associated with screen-based online learning, such as eye strain and fatigue, and technological know-how and availability.

How to start?

“You’re still one decision away from a totally different life.”

This mantra from American entrepreneur Thomas Bilyeu truly defines how aspirants hold the key to their success. If you want to be different from others and stand out from them, your approach to solving the puzzle i.e. UPSC/Banking exam should also be different. And this is where Khabri App helps you. Khabri – India’s digital audio platform, is one of the fastest growing learning platforms that has helped thousands of aspirants change their lives by making a simple change, i.e. say by adopting audio learning as part of their arsenal against fierce competition. During the pandemic, Khabri has witnessed a sixfold increase in the number of users and a 4x increase in the number of creators on the platform, which shows its effectiveness when it comes to preparing for contests. And every day, the platform grows to accommodate more and more educators, trainers, entrepreneurs and best-selling authors, who offer quality audio courses, educational podcasts, UPSC audio notes and preparation materials to help you pass the exam.

So what are you waiting for? Adopt the smart way to #SarkariKiTaiyaari and learn anything, anywhere Download the app here.

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