Australians prefer in-store shopping to online shopping: report – channelnews

Despite the online shopping boom that took hold at the start of the pandemic, Australians still prefer the physical experience.

That’s according to the Adyen Australia 2022 Retail Report, which surveyed more than 50,000 consumers and businesses in 26 countries. This included 500 Australian businesses and over 2,000 buyers.

While the global average suggests that 59% of people prefer in-store shopping to online shopping, 73% of Australians still prefer the in-person experience.

67% of Australians say physical stores are an important touchpoint, even if they shop online with the same retailer, while 51% are more loyal to retailers that have physical stores and online options.

“For Australian consumers, it’s all about the experience,” said Hayley Fisher, country manager for Australia and New Zealand at Adyen.

“In the past five years alone, we have seen consumer preference for shopping channels and payment methods shift from one to the other, but there are two things that remain constant: c It’s the reign of fluid experiences where cashless is king.

“Retailers who understand and adapt to this, regardless of platform or payment method, will be well positioned to take on the next wave of retail innovation.”

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