Bengaluru-based curator Amrita Tiwary’s Kreative Minds platform encourages the study and pursuit of the arts

Carl Jung once pointed out: “The creative mind plays with the object it loves”. This certainly applies to Amrita Tiwary, a curator, artist and teacher based in Bengaluru. She is also the founder of Kreative Minds, a platform that encourages the study and pursuit of the arts in children and adolescents.

After a childhood spent in Jamshedpur, Tiwary followed the traditional path laid out for her by pursuing a degree in business administration in Kolkata. However, dissatisfied with this line of education, she turned to learning the arts, eventually earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field of Pracheen Kala Kendra of Chandigarh.

“I followed my passion and wanted to give others the same opportunity, so I started Kreative Minds in 2016 with the intention of promoting art,” she explains. As a platform, Kreative Minds has a lot to offer to its customers. One can enroll in several courses ranging from fine arts to classical music, from DIY to playing various instruments. They even offer tuition fees for students pursuing fine arts as a subject of counseling. Affiliated with Pracheen Kala Kendra, Kreative Minds follows Kendra’s pre-designed courses and often draws inspiration from other international art and design courses. Those wary of long-term commitments can attend shorter workshops in arts, crafts and music, which are held frequently.

“We invite experts in their respective fields to facilitate these workshops for our students as well as for external audiences. Our event, ‘Surchitranam’, is celebrated every year and gives our students the opportunity to show their talent to the world. We also organize talent contests and invite global participation in them. These are based on specific themes and all forms of art including drawing, painting, music, dance and others are included,” shares Tiwary.

This series called International Online Talent Competition (IOTC) is held quarterly and shows enthusiastic participation. Its first iteration this year took place in the month of January and was based around the Republic Day theme. The next one took place in April and followed the theme “Western and Modern Art”.

Children aged 6 to 18 can send in their drawings and paintings, along with video clips of their instrumental performances on guitar, keyboard, violin and drums; and dance performance clips to Western, Bollywood, hip hop and fusion music.

Apart from this, the team also organizes ‘Aesthetics’ –– a quarterly exhibition dedicated to showcasing fine art and performances by dancers and musicians. Having started post-pandemic, this show takes place online and streams live on the Kreative Minds YouTube channel.

Its first edition on the theme “My Art My Style”, concluded in February of this year. Twenty artists from around the world presented more than 80 works of art in unique styles. Its next edition should take place in May, for which Tiwary is keen to invite dancers from different genres.

Ringing the creative bells, the Kreative Minds team recently branched out to include website design and maintenance services in their repertoire. True to its motto “Learn”. Inspire. Kreate.’, this platform is visibly growing from strength to creative strength.

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