Children can be told to attend online classes if they are not being harassed | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: UT’s health department has asked the education department to compile data of unvaccinated children to authorize camps in schools and may even ask those who are not vaccinated to attend classes in line only.
The health department plans to organize vaccination camps and set a target of at least 50 children per day at each site.

“Vaccination is voluntary and safe for children. Given the increase in the number of cases and to protect children, unvaccinated children may be advised against attending physical classes after a few days,” said Yashpal Garg, UT Health Secretary.
In a recent review by UT Advisor Dharam Pal, it was observed that the lowest coverage was for the administration of the CorBevax vaccination in children aged 12-14 years. So far, only 29% of children have been vaccinated with the first dose and includes only 0.5% who also took the second dose. The target population of the group is 45,000 people.
“We coordinate with the schools. Currently, there are six school vaccination sites that can be moved based on demand,” said Dr. Manjit Singh, District Immunization Manager, UT. The department plans to launch a poster contest in schools to raise awareness. “As exams were ongoing, coverage was slow. But now we will step it up, with the help of the administration,” DIO said.

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