Data and AI Consulting Mesh-AI launched with $ 30 million in funding


Data and AI Consultancy Mesh-AI is launched with $ 30 million in funding from Columbia Capital, with ambitious plans to grow and expand globally at an unprecedented rate.

Companies rightly pursue the promise of big data: democratized access to real-time information about their customers, their products and their business.

Yet so far, their often substantial data investments have rarely delivered on their promises.

That’s why two leading tech entrepreneurs, Matt Farmer and Seb Bulpin, launched Mesh-AI: a global consulting firm that uses data engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence to unleash the power of data for the company.

The launch is supported by Columbia Capital, which has made an initial commitment of $ 30 million to help the company launch, grow and grow globally at an unprecedented rate.

Their ambition for Mesh-AI is large-scale, aiming for rapid growth in terms of turnover and workforce and to develop the business on a global scale.

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– Why Mesh-AI?

Over the past decade, Matt Farmer and Seb Bulpin have helped hundreds of corporate clients dramatically accelerate their pace of technological change. Integrate modern cross-functional operating models while using the latest cloud-native architectures and tools to quickly build secure, large-scale platforms and applications in regulated environments in the public cloud.

Over the course of these engagements, they found that while businesses ruled over an incredible wealth of data, they struggled on many fronts to turn it into real business value.

That is why Mesh-AI will focus entirely on transforming businesses into data-driven organizations.

The company is already hiring significant data talent, acquiring a wide range of experts in data engineering, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The team has unmatched experience in delivering true transformation to regulated businesses and, through the implementation of pioneering approaches such as data mesh, have proven the value that data can bring at scale. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of the technology, skills and processes that businesses need to master to provide their business with on-demand data insights.

– The Mesh-AI approach

In terms of approach, Mesh-AI’s mission is to refocus the company around data.

Mesh-AI will provide end-to-end holistic guidance: from initial assessments to defining future adaptation strategy, building basic data platform capacity, creating and validating cases. use of data before finally scaling, maturing, and improving data maturity across the organization over time.

The main areas of interest are data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data meshing, which will be harnessed to exploit complex business opportunities that have the potential to create massive and measurable business value.

These are interrelated data capabilities. Without clean, usable data and effective approaches to catalog, discover, and access that data, powerful AI and ML-enabled applications will struggle to reach their potential. Mesh-AI combines expertise in all areas to ensure that databases are strong so that businesses can get the most out of advanced techniques such as AI and ML.

– The founding team

Matt Farmer will be the Executive Chairman, providing strategic direction, while Seb Bulpin will take the helm as CEO, managing the day-to-day operations of the company.

Columbia Capital is providing the start-up funding, having supported Matt in his previous company as co-founder of Contino, a global consultancy in corporate digital transformation, where Seb served as global CEO. During their time at Contino, they steadily saw over 100% year-over-year growth in revenue and workforce before the company was taken over by the digital giant. Cognizant in 2019.

Matt Farmer, Executive Chairman, said: “The ability to harness the value of data will determine the success of tomorrow’s businesses and we are extremely excited to be supporting our corporate clients in this process. I am delighted to work with such a fantastic team at Mesh-AI who are also obsessed with the client and the culture, while again working alongside our partners Columbia Capital who will support our ambitious organic and inorganic growth plans.

Seb Bulpin, CEO of Mesh-AI, said: “Now is the time for data to be at the top of the business agenda – it will define a competitive advantage for the foreseeable future. I am delighted to positively disrupt the business once again, to demonstrate the immense value Mesh-AI will be able to bring to customers and to do so with a world-class team in all areas of the business. ! “

Jason Booma, Partner at Columbia Capital, added: “Companies around the world are striving to unlock the value of their data, so we believe Mesh-AI’s value proposition is both timely and powerful. It’s also a pleasure to work again with Matt, Seb and the rest of their team. We know they have what it takes to be successful in a competitive space and we look forward to seeing the business grow and grow.

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