EdTech Platform Yougami Raises $100,000 in Pre-Seed Funding, Aims to Help Kids Build Skills

EdTech platform, Yougami by EkSlate announced the close of its pre-seed funding round and raised $100,000 with participation from Marwari Catalysts, Ankur Mishra and Dalpat Bhansali and other strategic ecosystem investors.

According to the company, the startup plans to use the amount raised to expand its product offering, maximize technology integration for enhanced learning, and scale up business operations. In addition, the platform will also seek to create high-impact marketing and expand its team in necessary verticals.

“At Yougami, we are on a mission to create a community of skilled, responsible and 21st century ready students and therefore follow a learning approach of ‘UpSkilling’ and ‘Not Tutoring'”, Arjeeta C Singhvi, Founder, CEO , Yougami, said.

“We believe that there is a huge gap between the quality of labor entering the market and the requirements of the market. At Yougami, we are trying to bridge this gap by providing the skills of tomorrow to students,” said Sudhanshu Vyas, Co-Founder, CMO, Yougami. Yougami’s goal is to help children develop skills, which usually doesn’t just happen in the school curriculum.

With entries from PTI.

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