Eight IIT-H classrooms upgraded for blended learning

As part of digital transformation, the Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H) has upgraded eight classrooms for blended learning as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative by Cyient Foundation in under the vision “Inventing and innovating in technology for humanity”.

Cyient Founding Chairman and Board Member BVR Mohan Reddy, who is also Chairman of the IIT-H Board of Governors, inaugurated the facility. The director of the institute, BS Murty, was also present.

Hybrid classrooms incorporate live video of in-person class activities that serves as a two-way conversation, integrating remote and in-person students into a singular environment.

Blended learning can improve course flexibility and personalization, education accessibility, and the use of digital tools during any course delivery. This experience will facilitate a better teaching/learning environment for faculty and students.

“The unprecedented circumstances of the past two years have accelerated the digital transformation of education and learning. The new normal will be blended learning with infrastructure in classrooms with smart boards, AV projection systems and interactive virtual platforms,” said Mohan Reddy.

“This is a small step towards the Digital India Mission,” Mr. Murty said.

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