Health Education England eLearning program reaches two million users

Two million registered users now have access to essential health and care training through Health Education England (HEE) e-learning e-learning platform for health care (elfh).

Users can access more than 450 elfh programs on the platform for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to explore and study when it suits them best.

Launched in 2007, HEE’s elfh platform offered online training sessions, to support and enhance traditional learning and teaching methods, and which are cost-effective and effective for learners and educators.

The platform proved essential during the Covid-19 pandemic when some training was suspended or canceled as elfh learners could still access programs remotely using their laptop, tablet or phone. For the first time, learners in the welfare sector have been granted free access to elfh courses to support their work and studies and continue to use the resources of the platform.

Overall, access during the pandemic has increased from about 500,000 sessions per month to 200,000 sessions per day.

Midwife Gloria Alexander-Wight, a registered user of the HEE elfh platform, said: “HEE elfh has helped me immensely in my role as a midwife.

“It has improved my communication with my colleagues, patients and the public.

“It motivated me to keep my portfolio up to date, improved my student support in clinical areas and management skills and strategies. “

HEE’s elfh hub is managed by the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team and includes courses to support the healthcare and healthcare industry, ranging from Audiology to Anesthesia, Dentistry and Dermatology, from emergency medicine to end-of-life care, from primary care to prescribing and child protection. .

The center includes compulsory and compulsory training with content developed in collaboration with organizations such as the Royal Colleges and other professional bodies, the Department of Health and Social Affairs, NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities (formerly Public Health England).

Director of Innovation, Digital and Transformation Patrick Mitchell added: “I am delighted that so many people have signed up and are benefiting from the available elfh programs on a daily basis. We update the documents regularly and they are all approved by health and care experts before they launch.

“Access to training and online resources has been a lifeline for many colleagues during the pandemic. This has kept their education on track during a difficult time when increased knowledge and learning has been essential both for individuals and for the health and care of the system.

“Digital training has changed the way people learn by providing more flexibility to adapt to a busy life and by moving from long study sessions to smaller, focused bursts. This is a major change that offers new opportunities for lifelong learning for our NHS and our caregivers.

“The use of the platforms exceeds expectations compared to traditional training methods and we work closely with our users to collect their comments and develop new materials adapted to their needs.”

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