Hemon Media Group’s Ashton Shanks named CEO of Evans & Welch

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Evans & Welch, the parent company of Traffic and funnels and SalesMentor today announced that Ashton’s Shanks was named their new CEO.

Evans & Welch has trained over 150,000 business owners, sales professionals and freelancers. Since 2015, the organization has quickly become a rising star in the field of online education. Currently based at Nashvillethe two individual brands are poised to lead the market for many years to come by providing excellent products and service in two very fast growing industries.

Shanks, a seasoned CEO who is known in his industry as “The Savage Media Buyer,” helped scale businesses from $0 to $500,000+ in months with his company Hemon Media, is excited to continue to innovate and represent the Evans & Welch legacy. “I started at this company as an intern…I’ve seen it grow and evolve and I’m so excited to help bring our products, our team and our vision into its next season,” said Shank.

While leading the Evans & Welch team of NashvilleShanks will continue to serve as CEO of the Hemon Group – https://thehemongroup.com – a growing company to become a leader in the direct mail industry while managing nearly $5 million per month of paid traffic for its customers.

“The next season for these companies will be the best we have ever seen. There is no one else with the caliber of experience or vision that can match what I think Ashton can do. couldn’t be in better hands!” said Taylor Welch.

SOURCEEvans & Welch

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