Irish-themed online course with Celtic Junction Arts Center

The Celtic Junction Arts Center has launched a new semester of courses covering a wide range of subjects including Irish language, history and literature, and Celtic creative arts.

As part of Celtic Junction’s Irish College of Minnesota, fifteen online courses will take place on a rolling basis from now until April 7, 2022.

Sign up for classes and learn more about Celtic Junction Arts Center’s Irish College of Minnesota here.

Course Highlights

Irish lessons: Native Connemara speaker, Lavinia Finnerty, has created her own comprehensive Irish language basics lesson sequence that takes students from beginner to conversationalist.

Meet Lavina Finnerty, professor of Irish at the Irish College of Minnesota:

The Irish Cottage: Culture, Design and Controversy: This course will focus on the Irish cottage type originally built and continuously used during the 1860s to 1960s in rural Ireland; a period of great political, social and cultural change.

The distinct design features of these cottages, the materials used, and the realities of cottage living will be examined. By exploring various aspects of the Irish cottage, we will experience an eye-opening look into the spirit and beliefs of our Irish ancestors.

Patrick Kavanagh, his life and his poetry: Considered Ireland’s greatest poet for decades, the great Patrick Kavanagh, born in County Monaghan, came from a modest rural background and left formal school at the age of 13 to “immerse himself in the toward”.

Held in the warmest affection precisely because of his unsentimental and caustic view of the realities of Irish deprivation, he attained a sort of compassionate down-to-earth view that found the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Celtic Junction Arts Center in Minnesota

Celtic Junction Arts Center is a non-profit arts and culture center located in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Irish College of Minnesota was founded in 2017 out of the local community’s desire to provide adults with affordable, stress-free educational opportunities in Celtic subjects.

The Irish College quickly moved to online offerings via Zoom at the start of the pandemic and has grown rapidly since then, demonstrating regional and national interest in its courses.

The Celtic Junction Arts Center was voted “Best Irish Centre/Festival in North America” ​​by Irish Central’s Creativity and Arts Awards in 2018.

Sign up for classes and learn more about Celtic Junction Arts Center’s Irish College of Minnesota here.

The Celtic Junction Arts Center is proud to support the Irish Heritage Tree programme.

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