José Andrés to launch media business with six-part docu-series



During the countless crises that have marked the past few years, superstar chef José Andrés has become as well known for his humanitarian work as for his restaurants. Through his nonprofit World Central Kitchen, Andrés has fed people in crisis areas since 2010 and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. And now the chef is looking to expand his reach with a media company, succinctly titled José Andrés Media. .

This company will, depending on the variety, “Produce unscripted and scripted TV series, books, podcasts and short and medium digital content with an emphasis on stories and characters related to food and food culture.” Andrés’ debut project will be a six-part series set in Spain and will air on Discovery Plus. In a prepared statement shared with Variety, the chef said that it has been a long time since “his dream was to launch José Andrés Media… to tell stories about who we are through the food we eatâ€.

While details of Andrés’ upcoming show are still unclear, Sam Bakhshandehpour, president of José Andrés Media, told Variety the company was eager to “shed light on the delicious dishes and the fascinating characters who cook them.” .

It might be unreasonable to think that a TV host could fill the Anthony Bourdain-shaped hole that has persisted in our lives since Bourdain’s death in 2018. But if Andrés’ track record as a leader, humanitarian and apparent All Around Good Guy are an indication of the sensibilities and values ​​he will bring to his multimedia work, we have at least one good television to look forward to.


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