Kemtai review: train better with the help of this online exercise platform

Kemtai is a unique training platform that simply runs on a web browser. It gives you real-time feedback on your fitness so you can perform a wide range of exercises correctly, as part of a complete workout routine. If you become sloppy with your reps or don’t know how to perform a move, the platform will give you visual and audio guidance to help keep you on track.

In some ways, Kemtai is like having a coach with you all the time. Using computer vision and machine learning, Kemtai can track and record your movements. But while the platform shines from a technical standpoint, the workouts aren’t necessarily the most exciting. The platform lacks personality and doesn’t appeal to you like other online training courses do.

Kemtai Review: Price and Release Date

Kemtai offers several free workout routines, including custom workouts through a feature called Kemtai now. With Kemtai Now, artificial intelligence (AI) helps you quickly generate a workout routine to meet your own specifications, like how much you want to work your upper body versus lower body.

To unlock more courses, you can sign up for a $ 19 / month (£ 14 / AU $ 27) membership, which I tested. You can also subscribe to premium channels from select instructors, like a $ 49.95 / month (£ 38 / AU $ 71) subscription for Miami-based personal trainer Elmer Hickman.

Following a beta test, Kemtai was released in full to the public in May 2020.

Kemtai Reviews

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Kemtai review: features

With Kemtai, you can choose from a wide range of workouts to achieve your fitness goals – strength, mobility, cardio, etc. – with variable durations and intensities. You also have a lot of options in terms of which trainer you want to take and what type of class you want, like Pilates or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with so many ways to filter workouts and options like Kemtai Now, you can quickly figure out what you’re looking for.

When you start a workout, on one side of the screen you’ll see yourself with what looks like a skeleton layered over your body. This allows you to see how the different parts of your body move more clearly than if you were simply looking at a photo of yourself as a whole. On the other side of the screen, you’ll see an instructor performing the moves so you can follow along. This is especially useful if you’ve never done that particular exercise and need to figure out what to do.

During your workouts, the platform will automatically track each repetition, so you don’t have to count yourself. (This means you don’t cheat either!) You will also be given a score for each rep you perform on a scale of 0 to 100. The better your form, the higher the score.

If you make a very visible mistake, like not raising your arm high enough, the platform will audibly tell you to correct it. But if you’re already doing well and just want to boost your scores a bit, you might have to figure it out for yourself.

After your workouts, you can review your performance metrics and visuals to find areas for improvement next time. The platform also makes it easy to track your progress, such as how many workouts you’ve completed so far.

As the platform is still fairly new, the workout library continues to expand. As Mike Telem, co-founder of Kemtai explains, the company “is also working on APIs to help fitness brands who want to work with us to integrate Kemtai into their offering.”

Kemtai Reviews

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Kemtai review: setup and use

Setting up with Kemtai is super easy. You can even try out some sample exercises just by visiting the Kemtai website. If you want more, you just need an email address which you will use to create an account, and within minutes you can start training using the free workouts, or you can sign up for a membership. .

Because the platform is very focused on providing feedback on your movements, it can be a bit difficult to get into a good workout flow. The somewhat generic background music and synthetic voice giving you instructions can make the rig seem a bit sterile. While you can watch the tapes of the instructors performing the movements on one side of the screen, they don’t direct the workouts by telling you what’s going on or stimulating you like some instructors teach on d ‘other platforms.

Kemtai Reviews

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Kemtai review: Comfort and fit

A big plus of Kemtai is that you can access it through most devices that have a camera and a web browser, like a laptop or even a tablet. You can also access the platform through the web browser on a smartphone, although the experience is better on a larger device. In other words, you don’t need to buy separate equipment unless you want weights or resistance bands to take certain classes.

The only downside is that you have to be in a large enough space where the camera you are using can see your whole body. This may vary depending on the device, angle, and your size, but you will likely need a few more feet than you would need to complete the workouts if you weren’t in front of the camera.

This is partly why using the platform on a smartphone is not necessarily the best option. Even if you use a stand to hold the phone and move far enough away that your whole body is in the frame, then you might be too far away to comfortably follow what’s happening on the screen.

Kemtai Reviews

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Kemtai review: verdict

Kemtai is a great option for those who want to learn how to perform better moves. Even if you are experienced, it can still be helpful to check your form and track your progress. The technology is very unique and looks futuristic.

That said, there is room for improvement, like making the workouts themselves more engaging. As the library grows and the business forms more partnerships, this could be an area that improves. But if you are strictly looking for exciting workout classes, there are better options out there right now.

Kemtai review: also think

If you’re looking for a workout platform that provides feedback like Kemtai, your options may include interactive and smart fitness equipment like Tonal, Vaha and NordicTrack Vault. Yet these types of systems come with high upfront costs – often well over $ 1,000 – while Kemtai can be used directly from your existing computer.

However, you might still want to look to these other types of gear if you want something a little more complete and engaging. Or, if you don’t need direct feedback, there are plenty of other options for on-demand workouts, ranging from Peloton to Obey.

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