Liquid Media Group Partners with Predictive Analytics Planned for Film and TV – Deadline


Liquid Media Group Ltd. has entered into a strategic partnership with the Slated film packaging, financing and distribution market, which will further enhance the insights it is able to provide to IP owners and independent producers.

The predictive analytics offered by the Nasdaq-traded studio allows creatives to measure the strength of their projects, thereby more effectively crafting their exit strategy and maximizing the potential for financial return.

Through its non-exclusive partnership agreement with Slated, the company will now offer a virtual screening analysis service, helping filmmakers optimize their films in post-production and match finished films to the right distributors. The business solutions company also adopts the Slated-designed rating system, which assesses film, television and other professional video content submitted by third parties, based on their development suitability.

“Our partnership will enhance the critically important intelligence aspect of our four-phase business solutions engine. Slated’s scoring system integrates machine learning techniques and modern data science to assess and advance all aspects of a production, including screenplay, cast, production crew, project finances , potential global box office revenue and more, ”said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media. “This next-generation objective statistical analysis helps reduce project risk and predictively model their performance, whether on traditional television, streaming platforms or as a theatrical release in theaters around the world. “

“Slated has been looking forward to this partnership since Ron first outlined his growth strategy for Liquid earlier this year,” added Slated CEO Tim Wesley. “We are excited to make Slated’s rating system and other services and tools available to Liquid projects, as well as bringing projects from the Slated Marketplace into the Liquid ecosystem. “

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