L’OFFICIEL, Fashion Media Company, Announces Partnership with DOGAMI, First NFT Play-To-Earn AR Petaverse

PARIS, FRANCE, June 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — L’OFFICIEL, the century-old fashion and luxury media company led by Hong Kong investment group AMTD Idea, today announced the start of its partnership with DOGAMÍ, the first Petaverse of augmented reality NFT play- general public.

Partnership marks L’OFFICIEL’s evolution to Web3, alongside exclusive partnerships in digital property with THE SANDBOX and virtual fashion with DRESSX, kicking off the magazine’s Metamonth, celebration and global exploration virtual and in-person from Web3 across 32 languages ​​websites and print editions, as well as a number of exclusive events.

The collaboration with DOGAMÍ was launched on May 26, 2022, with Let’s Mint The Party, a special celebration of the most promising Web3 and Metaverse initiatives at the Plage du Martinez in Cannes, with a musical performance by Agoria.

Two major activations will follow:

1. The exclusive release of DOGAMÍ NFT wearables in collaboration with GAP.
Featured on the cover of L’OFFICIEL’s June Metaverse issue, DOGAMÍ dog wearing one of the exclusive Digital Gap logo hoodies specially designed for DOGAMÍ avatars by GAP, which will be available as NFTs to express the individual style of the virtual pet on the mobile game. The issue of L’OFFICIEL Metaverse also features an interview with Kris Dayne Penseyres, co-founder of DOGAMÍ, revealing upcoming plans for the Petaverse.

2. THE OFFICIAL Fashion Dog
During the fall of 2022, DOGAMÍ and L’OFFICIEL will create an exclusive Fashion Dog, which will be entirely co-created with L’OFFICIEL’s global community of fashion enthusiasts, who will have a say in the look and the dog’s name via interactive social media polls. The Dog will be available on the DOGAMÍ mobile game.

Benjamin Eymère, CEO of L’OFFICIEL and Chief Metaverse Officer of AMTD Idea, said: “Partnering with a Web3 pioneer such as DOGAMÍ is part of our mission at L’Officiel. We want to rethink how fashion and style can be supported by the web3 industry. Creating L’OFFICIEL’s DOGAMÍ virtual avatar with our community is a very exciting challenge that we hope will generate many new Web3 conversations.

Dr. Calvin Choi, Global President of L’OFFICIEL Inc. SAS and AMTD Group, commented, “AMTD interconnectivity now extends to the PETAVERSE, and we look forward to seeing how the partnership with DOGAMI expands and will generate the most innovative content for our global community.

“Seeing our dog on the cover of the June issue of L’OFFICIEL wearing GAP clothing is where we want to take our business: creating successful partnerships to make our dogs into fashion celebrities,” said Kristofer Dayne Penseyres, CBO and co-founder of DOGAMÍ. “Partnering with a century-old media company is a significant milestone for our business and we look forward to collaborating with the L’OFFICIEL community to create the L’OFFICIEL Fashion Dog avatar.”

About Dogami
DOGAMÍ is the first mainstream NFT AR play-to-earn mobile game, where you adopt and breed your 3D dog and earn $DOGA in the Petaverse. Co-founded in mid-2021 by Max Stoeckl (CEO, previously BCG), Bilal El Alamy (CTO, Blockchain serial entrepreneur), Adrien Magdelaine (COO, previously Wamiz, pet industry serial entrepreneur) and Kristofer D. Penseyres (CBO, formerly Sony Photos, Branding & Partnership Expert). Supported by a European team of more than 30 people, including artistic director Gregory Magadoux (formerly Ubisoft). The company managed to raise $6 million thanks to world-renowned investors such as Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, the co-founders of The Sandbox. DOGAMÍ’s first NFT drop of 8,000 dog avatars sold out in just a few hours, propelling them to the top spot in terms of traded volume on leading Tezos NFT platform ‘Objkt’. Learn more about dogami.com

The Official (www.lofficiel.com) is a global media leader built on a century-old brand heritage, based in Paris since 1921. Present in 80 countries, with 32 international language media outlets, L’Officiel is now visible to fashion enthusiasts around the world through to its vast omni-platform platform. digital presence. Recognized as a leading luxury and fashion brand, L’Officiel is an international benchmark for French style and a pioneer in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and contemporary society. L’Officiel, led by AMTD IDEA Group, is part of the “AMTD Spider-Net”, an interconnected network of key players in media, culture, education and investment banking.

About AMTD IDEA Group
AMTD IDEA Group, formerly known as AMTD International Inc. (NYSE: AMTD; SGX: HKB) represents a leading Asian financial institution and digital solutions group connecting businesses and investors in Asia, including China and Hong Kong, as well as ASEAN markets with global markets. capital markets. Its comprehensive platform of one-stop financial services and digital solutions meets the diverse and interconnected financial needs and digital requirements of different clients at all phases of their life cycle. Leveraging its deep roots in Asia and its unique ecosystem – the “AMTD SpiderNet” – the company is uniquely positioned as an active super-connector between customers, business partners, beneficiary companies and investors, linking the East and West. For more information, please visit www.amtdinc.com or follow us on Twitter at “@AMTDGroup”.

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