Mercado Libre publishes its third transparency report, showing continuous improvements in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy

  • In order to protect intellectual property rights, Free market deploys algorithms that learn from member reviews and remove over 99% of counterfeit listings.
  • The company’s third transparency report lists the main projects and results of the measures deployed to ensure the security of digital services, data protection and the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

Montevideo, Uruguay, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Free market (Nasdaq: MELI) released its third Transparency Report with technology as a central pillar in building an ever more secure and trusted user experience across all of its e-commerce and financial services platforms. This report corresponds to the period July-December 2021.

Published every two years, the Transparency Report focuses on results in four main areas: requests for information from law enforcement, response rate to opt-out lists that violate company terms and conditions , measures for the protection of intellectual property rights and the management of personal data.

“This new report reinforces our commitment to the security of our ecosystem and the experience of our users while showing our cooperation with law enforcement authorities throughout the region. We will continue to innovate to develop new tools that will allow us to improve everything we do. says Federico Deyá, head of the Central Legal Department at Mercado Libre.


  • During the reporting period, we received more than 16,000 inquiries about user transactions or information from law enforcement authorities. 90% of them received the requested information, while the remaining 10% consisted of incorrect requests or asking for information. Free market doesn’t.
  • Only 1.09% of the 585,879,265 active registrations during the semester were withdrawn or suspended due to a court order or violation of terms and conditions. Compared to the previous Transparency Report, the number of listings removed due to violations dropped by 27%, which clearly shows the effectiveness of our detection and monitoring tools. 99% of removed content was proactively detected by Mercado Libre’s own teams and systems.
  • The Brand Protection Program (BPP) uses automated artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that feed on the reviews of its registered members. During the reporting period, 569,451 notices based on alleged intellectual property rights (IPR) violations were received, representing only 0.1% of the items offered on the site, showing that technology and the platform’s machine learning tools reduced reviews by 41.2%. % compared to the previous period.
  • ARCO rights (Spanish acronym for right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to processing) guarantee users control over their personal data. During this period, 19.3% less ARCO rights were exercised compared to the previous period: 13,438.

Free market was the first Latin American company to adopt the practice of sharing performance indicators that reflect its efforts to create a safe environment, build trust, guarantee a good user experience and work in collaboration with different stakeholders. Innovation and technology are the engines that maintain the positioning Free market as the most secure e-commerce ecosystem and digital payment solution in the region.

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On Free market
Founded in 1999, Free market is the leading e-commerce technology platform in Latin America. Through its platforms Free market, Mercado Pago and Mercado Envíos, it provides solutions for individuals and businesses that buy, sell, advertise, ship and pay for goods and services online. Free market serves millions of users and creates an online marketplace for a wide variety of goods and services traded in a simple, secure and efficient manner. It is among the 50 most visited sites in the world in terms of page views and it is the mass market with the highest number of unique visitors in its key countries according to measures provided by comScore Networks. The company is listed on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ: MELI) following its IPO in 2007.

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