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Despite the announcement by Minister of Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant that all universities will now conduct their exams offline, students of vocational courses at the University of Mumbai are determined to continue their fight for online exams.

The announcement was made by the minister after students in vocational courses claimed it was unfair for traditional courses such as commerce, arts and sciences to have their exams online, while students in vocational courses were invited to take their exams, which begin in May. , in physical mode. The student unrest intensified when Nagpur University also announced that it would hold the exams online.

“We have met with the Registrar, Vice Chancellor and Comptroller of Examinations of Mumbai University, as well as the Minister of Technical Education to express our concerns. However, the reasoning they gave us for arranging the offline professional course reviews was that professional courses have more value. The value of a course cannot be judged in this way. It is discriminatory and unfair in every way, and it puts us at a disadvantage compared to our peers. in traditional courses that take their exams online, when we apply for higher education,” says a student of computer engineering from the University of Mumbai on condition of anonymity. He adds that the announcement of the Conducting all exams offline now has little effect on these courses since their online exams are already in progress.

They also cite concerns about having to change cities to take exams at a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise – a fear also shared by students demanding online open-book exams at Delhi University.

“This problem is not limited to the University of Mumbai. Students from Maharashtra, University of Pune, Amravati University, Jalgaon University and University of Mumbai are coming together to demand exams It is impossible to do well in our offline exams in such a short time,” said another student from Mumbai University.

During their meeting with Education Minister Samant, the students were informed that MU would provide question banks for the exam. However, the notice states that the respective colleges will share question banks with their students. “It is totally useless since the questionnaire is only established by the university itself. It does not bring any relief to the students”, he adds.


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