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CCA For Social Good, an operating division of CCA Global Partners, and The Children’s Cabinet announce the launch of the virtual Nevada Strong Start Child Care Services Center, an online platform focused on innovative solutions to support early childhood educators.

This investment will provide a host of solutions that will increase high-quality business practices, reduce costs to address financial challenges, and provide services to bolster the recruitment and retention needs of the industry.

Sponsored by The Children’s Cabinet with funding from the Nevada Division of Wellness and Support Services, Virtual CCSC is available to all Nevada child care providers. This online platform will provide access to more than 2,600 innovative and practical tools, manuals, policies and advice on essential topics such as financial management, human resource support, emergency preparedness, marketing, nutrition, health and safety, etc. Users will also have access to open positions for their companies on a statewide job board and on popular sites such as Indeed and Google Jobs.

“Here at the Children’s Cabinet, we recognize the importance of the field of early childhood education and its impact on our communities, families and the economy of the state. Partnering with CCA for Social Good and offering child care programs across the state of Nevada, these unique and wonderful tools are worth the resources it’s taken to get here,” said Kim Young, CEO of the Children’s Cabinet. “We are proud that the Nevada child care network be part of this mission to help improve the lives of not only the families they serve, but also of themselves as educators and leaders.”

“We are excited to welcome Nevada to our growing network of 34 states sponsoring a personalized shared resource knowledge center. Most importantly, we are honored to be part of Nevada’s statewide strategy to strengthen the child care business. Through our collaboration, the Nevada child care community has immediate access to a wealth of editable materials and resources to meet the day-to-day administrative and operational needs of running a child care business. high-quality children,” said Denise Sayer, Vice President of CCA. for social good. “As we continue to work closely with The Children’s Cabinet, we understand the importance of a stable and strong child care community and its direct impact on economic stability within communities. That is why our priorities will continue to support operational practices that strengthen fiscal sustainability, staff recruitment, retention and well-being, and other administrative practices. I am excited about our work supporting the Children’s Cabinet and look forward to’s success in supporting child care directors, teaching staff, technical support specialists and others working to stabilize the activity of high quality childcare.

The site can be accessed by visiting Interested parties in Nevada can fill out a new member application form by clicking “Interested in learning more?” when visiting the site. Eligibility will be determined by The Children’s Cabinet after the pilot program ends.

For more information about CCA for Social Good and ECE Shared Resources, please contact Denise Sayer at 603-626-2121.

For more information about the Children’s Cabinet, please contact Mary Buchmann (775) 240-1484.

About ACC for Social Good
CCA For Social Good is an operating division of CCA Global Partners, a private cooperative that has been supporting small businesses for over 30 years. CCA For Social Good provides web-based platforms that help thousands of nonprofits and early childhood education (ECE) centers manage the administrative side of their organizations. The Platforms (integrated, password-protected websites) provide a set of powerful tools and shared resources that enable more efficient and successful operations. CCA For Social Good puts time and money back into the hands of ECE program directors and managers, allowing them to focus where it matters most: on the children in their care. To see a sample platform, please visit

About the Children’s Cabinet
Established in Reno in 1985, The Children’s Cabinet exists to keep children and families safe together by providing services and resources that address unmet needs. The organization represents a unique and effective collaboration between the private sector and public agencies in Nevada. The Children’s Cabinet helps more than 11,000 families each year with a wide range of services: basic needs, child care resources, education and work experience programs, crisis intervention and family counselling. As a not-for-profit organization, The Children’s Cabinet relies on community support to provide programs and services at no cost to children and their families.

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