Proposal to hire private partner for online courses rejected at DAVV executive board meeting


Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya’s executive council on Tuesday rejected a proposal to hire a software partner to deliver four programs in online mode.

The Distance and Online Training Center (CDOE) wanted to deploy MBA (HR, Marketing & Finance), MBA (Energy Management), MA (Sociology) and MA (Economics) training in online mode.

For this, tenders were launched and submitted to the members of the EC who rejected the tenders saying that private actors cannot be included in the academic affairs of DAVV.

The executive board, however, recommended the formation of a giant committee that will decide on the format of the online programs that the CDOE wishes to launch.

Furthermore, the EC has approved the budget of Rs 27 lakh for the convening scheduled for March 23. In addition, the supreme body of the DAVV also approved a proposal to award a Common Entrance Test (CET)-2022 contract to the National Testing Agency.

Also last year, the NTA conducted the CET on behalf of DAVV.

DAVV’s global dream shattered

DAVV had thought of going global with the launch of four programs in online mode.

The idea was to enroll students from all over the world and allow them to take an online exam in the city where they live.

Since the project was large and DAVV did not have the resources and expertise to manage it alone, he thought of hiring a software partner that has global reach. But the EC did not like the idea.

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Posted: Wednesday February 23rd 2022, 00:32 IST

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