Rams Parade Excites and Moves Online Classes

The Los Angeles Rams’ win on Sunday was the city’s third professional championship since 2020. There were, however, no parades for the LA Lakers or the LA Dodgers due to coronavirus concerns. (Vincent Leo | Daily Trojan Horse)

Excitement could be felt in all parts of Exposition Park as the Los Angeles Rams celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a parade down Figueroa Street, ending with a rally at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday. The victory is the third professional championship for the city of LA since 2020; however, the LA Dodgers and LA Lakers parades did not take place due to coronavirus concerns.

The event caused major road closures on Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street near USC, blocking many of the university’s major entry and exit points. To avoid traffic and ensure parking access, the Department of Public Safety advised students and staff to arrive on campus by 8 a.m. in a community email Tuesday. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Charles Zukoski encouraged faculty to adapt to the event, such as moving classes online during peak hours, in a community-wide message. community sent the same day.

Campus entry points along Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard, including the south end of Trousdale Parkway and the Royal Street entrance on Jefferson Boulevard, were closed to all pedestrian traffic.

George Yi, a freshman majoring in English, acknowledged the difficulty of entering campus on Wednesday, mainly for those who live off-campus.

“Especially if you live on the north side, it would be very difficult for you to cross Jefferson [during the parade]“Yi said.

Matthew Williams, a graduate student in geological sciences at UC Santa Cruz who also works as a teaching assistant at USC, said it was “impossible” to try to enter campus and said he wish the university had provided a warning sooner.

“I got an email at 5 a.m.,” Williams said. “A little more notice would have been nice.”

Some professors, however, embraced the parade and took classes online. Mark Shroeder, a philosophy professor at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, said he used closures to unite his class for the first time in weeks.

“Having an excuse to just be online so everyone can see each other and participate equally…I thought that was a great excuse,” Shroeder said.

Several students enjoyed the Los Angeles home football team celebration near the University Park campus and said the event brought excitement and the spirit of Los Angeles. (Vincent Leo | Daily Trojan Horse)

Students were also not immune to the disruptions and some said they had trouble getting to campus, such as Sami Haq, a second-year astronautical engineering student.

“It was quite confusing in terms of accessing the campus because we have to walk all the way around to get in,” Haq said.

The overall review of the event by students interviewed at the parade was overwhelmingly positive, and many said they enjoyed the atmosphere the festivities brought to campus and surrounding areas. Lindsey Huguet, a second-year communications student, attended part of the parade without missing her class.

“It definitely lifted my morale on campus, and I think the whole campus environment,” Heughan said. “Just getting out there and seeing all the madness and all the LA fans that bring so much energy to our campus is amazing.”

Kushal Murthy, a first-year business administration student, said he sees the value of seeing the players in person having fun even if you’re not a fan of the home team.

“I’m a Colts fan, but I love football,” Murthy said. “And it was just great to see the home team win.”

Some students said they felt the celebration deserved a day off from their classes. Many who attended the parade with groups of friends enjoyed the atmosphere created by the nearby celebration.

“We’re not really Rams fans, but we’re from LA,” said Raymond Lu, a sophomore majoring in environmental and health sciences. “It was kind of a burden with the classes, but we all came and skipped our classes. I think it’s really cool to have it right next to campus.

“There’s a lot of Angeleno pride for everyone, and it’s really exciting for everyone here. I know the players went to practice at UCLA, but USC is excited because they brought the parade. and celebration here.

Krista Nguyen, a second-year health sciences and humanities student.

The parade at Exposition Park energized the USC community after the Rams had their final week of practice at UCLA, where coach Sean McVay moved practice to avoid strong gusts of wind as the team prepared .

“There’s a lot of Angeleno pride for everyone, and it’s really exciting for everyone here,” said Krista Nguyen, a second-year health sciences and humanities student. “I know the players went to practice at UCLA, but USC is excited because they brought the parade and the celebration here.”

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