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Tuesday, January 25, will mark the 10th annual publication of US News’ Online Curriculum Rankings. As always, these rankings assess offers whose core business is mainly accessible to distance learners.

We don’t know exactly how many of these programs exist in the United States. We can only count those who choose to participate in our surveys, which we believe reflect the majority of dedicated online programs, but certainly not all. While the number of schools we were able to rank over time has grown significantly, this could be due to the overall growth in online education as well as interest in our rankings.

The inaugural 2013 edition featured 237 online (completion) licensing programs that were reported to US News. The upcoming edition will have 381; in addition, for the second year, there will be subject-specific undergraduate rankings in business and psychology.

Why the increase? There is no doubt that the rankings of US News are better known, especially compared to previous years. But perhaps improvements in online course delivery and student access to technology have prompted more schools to offer these programs, which has had the reciprocal effect of gaining credibility with employers. . This credibility is leading to increased demand for flexible offerings – and has caused some brick-and-mortar programs struggling with enrollment to retrain into online degree programs.

In total, the next edition assessed 1,728 active online programs for 2021-2022 across the seven master’s ranks in Criminal Justice, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, MBA, Non-MBA Business, and Nursing; plus the general baccalaureate classification. This is an increase of almost 8% from the 1,605 programs that participated in these same areas for the 2021 edition, and the growth has been distributed relatively evenly across the different subjects.

For comparison, the 2021 edition saw a 2% increase in schedules, which was more typical of recent years. We will see if the accelerated interest in this modality continues following the recent meteoric disruption in higher education.

Either way, we will continue to produce these rankings, both those intended for the general public and those designed specifically for veterans and active service members. Our goal, as it has been for the past 10 years, is to help prospective students research which online programs are strongest in terms of academics, course delivery, support services, and training. affordability. To do this, we look beyond the reputation of parent institutions to help students discover where they can have the best experiences.


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