Red Hat Launches New OpenShift Data Science Cloud Offering

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Red Hat recently announced the availability of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science as a field trial, according to a press release. Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is a cloud service designed for machine learning (ML) on Red Hat OpenShift. Enabled by Kubernetes operators, Red Hat OpenShift Data Science gives organizations the flexibility to select technologies to develop, test, and deploy ML models. Red Hat OpenShift Data Science transfers operational responsibility and support to Red Hat, giving organizations the freedom to use any AI / ML tools they choose.

In addition to Intel and NVIDIA, Red Hat OpenShift Data Science includes support for several other artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions such as Anaconda Commercial Edition, IBM Watson Studio with AutoAI, Seldon Deploy, and Starburst Galaxy. The field trial version of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science provides quality and general availability support, allowing customers to try the service, while only paying for the Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated or Red service. Hat OpenShift underlying on AWS and AWS infrastructure.

In a media statement on the news, Red Hat vice president and general manager, Cloud Data Services, Mike Piech, said, “Data science and machine learning are helping drive innovation and value. business in almost all sectors. For many businesses, the biggest barrier to adoption is the complexity of wiring the necessary data sources with various training and model deployment technologies. With Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, Red Hat’s contributions to the Open Data Hub, and our vast ecosystem of partners, we’re helping organizations overcome such complexity to start unleashing the full potential of machine learning from the leader in open technology. source of trust.

To learn more about Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, read this document on the company’s website.

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