Rodeo transport advertising company secures funding to expand into Rodeo Home


Rodeo public transport advertising agency has secured $ 270,000 in funding through pitchIN, a capital crowdfunding platform in Malaysia. The company has integrated 85 investors, including core investments from Fidelity Funding and a few angel and retail investors. According to Valens Subramaniam, CEO of Rodeo, one of the key strategies that has been put in place is to reach more customers through Rodeo Home Elevators.

“Despite the pandemic, we continue to expand our ecosystem rather than going with the flow, because there are simply too many exquisite ideas that will be wasted if not used. Through fundraising we are able to put effort into creating and expanding more revenue streams rather than just taking advantage of the usual few media we use, ”said Valens Subramaniam, CEO of Rodeo.

Rodeo Home is a media placement inside residential buildings such as condominiums, and will have access to over 100 condominiums in the Klang Valley. With the funding, the company hopes to expand the offering to more locations in Malaysia.

Rodeo has been operational since 2017 and according to the company, it has “understood the need for media design strategies focused on customer media buying experiences.” Armed with this understanding, Rodeo is working to create a SuperApp that will provide every vehicle owner, media owner, partner and brand owner with a greater opportunity to leverage Rodeo SuperApp. In the future, with the new financing, Rodeo aims to expand not in Malaysia, but also in secondary markets such as India, Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. This is not the first fundraising that has been carried out, the first having taken place in October 2020, where the company aimed to raise at least 500,000 RM for its first round in order to increase its workforce, to integrate the AI technology such as computer vision and machine learning and for marketing to scale the business and capture market share.

Meanwhile, other Southeast Asian companies have also been successful in raising funds, with BigPay securing US $ 100 million in funding to strengthen the position of the challenger bank and the B2B e-commerce market GudangAda has pocketed US $ 100 million in a Series B funding round led by Asia Partners and Falcon Edge for team expansion in key divisions and execution capabilities, as well as building and strengthening the ecosystem of business service offerings.


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