Sifu PS Plus release suggested by online store glitch

Beloved martial arts game Sifu could be coming to PS Plus soon, as a recent online storefront issue potentially demonstrates.

The newly released kung fu action game Sifu could get some sort of PlayStation Plus release, according to a recent PlayStation Store issue. The brutally challenging and unforgiving brawler released earlier this month and has since garnered mostly positive reviews, with games and media praising its unique approach to game design, aesthetics, and tight combat mechanics. .

Sony will regularly offer its premium subscribers additional games, discounts and free content. For those with a valid PS Plus subscription, the Japanese gaming and tech giant will be offering a selection of free games that are updated monthly. This selection will often be very interesting, with examples of recent free games being Dirt 5 and Galactic Deep Rock, both of which are in high demand and highly respected. There’s also the PS Plus Collection, which is a larger assortment of top-selling free titles that remains consistent from month to month, though very rarely updated. When a player owns a game made available through one of these channels, a small gold “+” symbol will appear on the game icon, signifying that it is associated with PlayStation Plus.


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As reported by GamesRadar, Sifu could join the ranks of these free games. If anyone already has Sifu and look at their library when on the browser version of the PlayStation Store, the aforementioned golden plus symbol will appear on the game icon, just like with other PS Plus games. This is an issue, as the game was not made available through the PS Plus collection or the free monthly game refresh.

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This is certainly a curious situation and could lead some to believe that the latest version of Sloclap will soon become free for PlayStation owners. While that would help bolster the overall selection of high-quality games on offer through a PlayStation Plus subscription, it seems a bit unlikely; Sifu just released this month on PC, PS4, and PS5, so offering it as a free-to-play game so soon after launch, and to such a large chunk of its population, could cut into its profits.

That being said, Sony is certainly up to something when it comes to its various subscription models; PlayStation owners can currently use the on-demand and streaming service PlayStation Now, and while it’s become a respectable service, it hasn’t been able to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Going by the rumors and leaks surrounding Sony’s Spartacus project, it’s reasonable to assume that a game like Sifu would be included in this package, and that the appearance of the PS Plus symbol on the game was due to some internal threads crossing.

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Source: GamesRadar

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