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United States: Funeral Continuing Education, an Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice approved institution, has proudly served funeral directors for over ten years. They are adept at providing the most informative and up-to-date funeral continuing education courses aligned with the latest needs of professionals in the funeral industry. Depending on preference, customers can choose Pay As You Go or Unlimited Course Access. To date, approximately 15,000 clients across the country have taken the Continuing Education Funeral Education courses. The growing training group has also issued over 45,000 certificates in 20 courses.

Funeral Continuing Education ensures fast, affordable courses to equip the funeral director with the skills necessary to achieve their continuing education goals. Learners do not have to complete the course in one sitting as everything is conveniently designed. Course results and certificates are provided immediately upon completion. To begin, learners must select the desired state and course.

The 20 courses offered by Funeral Continuing Education have been approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice and state boards of funeral licensing in more than 30 states. These include continuing education for disposal directors, continuing education for funeral directors, continuing education for cremationists, and continuing education for embalmers. The training is administered by experienced professionals who are committed to providing in-depth, informative and up-to-date FCE courses.

Funeral Continuing Education has evolved rapidly to provide the most important funeral education courses online. They have launched an exciting new website to help quickly meet growing industry demand. The top reasons to choose funeral continuing education are state-approved certifications, pay-as-you-go or unlimited course access, unlimited certificate storage, and unlimited access to all courses and exams. the state. Other compelling factors are state-required courses, license tracking/reminders, free CE alerts, and the ability to track earned credits through the FCE course portal. Free alerts provide reminders about critical deadlines.

Customers must provide their email addresses when registering for courses, as this is where credits will be submitted. All training takes place online, so students don’t need to spend extra money on books and materials. Accepted payment options are Visa, American Express, Discover and Visa. Customers who sign up for annual subscriptions enjoy 30% savings, among other incentives.

To start training, visit the Continuing Funeral Education website. The Education Group is committed to providing the best continuing education to equip licensed funeral professionals with new skills to stay competitive. Online courses are administered in over 30 states across the United States, including New York, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Maryland.

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