Supply chain crisis could mean limited items on shelves before the holidays


(WTNH) – You might be shopping online to get a head start before the holidays, which might not be a bad thing. This is because some items may be in short supply this year due to the supply chain crisis and it may be some time before things get better.

At Amato’s in Middletown, the iconic toy store has been selling fun for 81 years. Haddam’s Sarah McMillan is doing something she’s never done in October before.

“I did online [shopping], but this is my first time in a store, ”McMillan said. “I got there early to start my Christmas shopping early, so this year make sure it’s under the tree.”

McMillan has seen television footage of cargo ships moored off the coast of California, and reports of items in short supply.

“When you watch cargo ship videos, are my toys there,” McMillan said.

Diane Gervais owns Amato’s and says her store is pretty much stocked.

“We brought the product early,” Gervais said.

Connecticut Port Authority director John Henshaw says it was wise. The shipping issues had a ripple effect that resulted in shortages in stores across the country. At Amato’s, shipments arrive daily, but sometimes later than expected, and some of the hot items are scarce.

“Pokemon is in short supply, comes out as soon as it enters,” Gervais said.

It’s hard to predict, but it may take some getting used to.

Toys aren’t the only ones missing this season. Experts say electronics, booze and turkeys for Thanksgiving could also be on the list.

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