TAO Connect Behavioral Health Digital Platform Launches New

CLEARWATER, Fla., December 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – TAO connection, a digital platform designed to make behavioral health care more accessible and effective, today announces the launch of its all-new Learner Dashboard. This highly anticipated upgrade allows users to easily and intuitively browse personalized recommendations based on their business and hot topics, while exploring new content visually represented as if it were their streaming service. prefer. Thanks to the new dashboard, users can follow their progress on the modules they have viewed on a specific topic while the program queues the following videos represented in the form of a “to do” list. . This level of integration allows users to focus on modulated sets of interests completed through TAO Connect’s comprehensive suite of mental health and wellness exercises.

“We want to continue to meet users where they are and provide them with mental health and wellness information on an easy-to-use and intuitive platform,” said Dr. Sherry Benton, Scientific Director and Founder. by TAO Connect. “Our goal is the same in that we strive to improve patient outcomes and increase access to mental health care with our self-paced platform. . “

TAO Connect’s platform, used by universities and employers in the United States and Canada, contains over 150 interactive sessions on anxiety, depression, sleep, sexual violence, substance abuse and more. Users can also access TAO Connect’s AI chatbot, TAO Assistant, which guides users through the platform to find a plan specific to the individual’s mental health needs. Various mental health exercises, such as a library of mindfulness meditations, exercises and journal prompts are also available on the platform.

Designed similar to how users choose movies or series on streaming platforms, the Learner Dashboard is customized to feature specific titles by category, particular interest, or by learning what the user does. previously selected to offer more personalized suggestions. Some of TAO’s most popular titles are on topics like Understanding Depression, Sources of well-being and Get stuck in our thoughts.

“We are excited to launch the new TAO Connect learner dashboard to continue to provide users with additional behavioral health content and the flexibility they value,” said Bob Clark, CEO of TAO Connect. “It is important for us to evolve with the needs and preferences of our users. This is just the start of the next step for TAO Connect.

To learn more about TAO Connect, its technology and its new dashboard, please visit www.TAOConnect.org.

About TAO Connect:
TAO connection is a virtual platform committed to reducing disparities in behavioral health by providing affordable, effective and accessible treatment to people with limited access. The online program provides therapeutic educational resources for common behavioral health issues using a comprehensive platform of virtual tools for therapists and clients. The tools provide information on client education, interaction, accountability, and progress assessment to facilitate effective results. CAT tools can be used as a self-directed help with minimal support with peer counselors or case managers, one-on-one group support, short psychotherapy sessions, traditional psychotherapy (50 minutes) or as a transition between hospital patients and the community.

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