Teen favorite Lush Cosmetics quits social media

The company announced Monday that its accounts will be deactivated on November 26, the day after Thanksgiving, when most other brands and retailers kick-start their social media business to entice shoppers of holiday gifts.

Lush, which has more than 900 stores worldwide, including 240 in the United States and Canada, said it will stay away from these social media channels around the world until the platforms ensure a safer environment for their users.

As much as Lush is known for its organic and cruelty-free bath bombs, shampoos and soaps, the brand actively defends social and environmental causes such as Black Lives Matter, fights against deforestation and promotes sustainability among its 659,000 subscribers. Instagram, 275,000 Twitter fans. and over a million followers on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Lush, a brand favored by Millennials and Gen Z, has tried to quit social media. The company made a similar attempt with its UK accounts in 2019 saying ‘She was tired of fighting with algorithms’ and wanted to speak directly with her clients.

The latest push, however, comes at a time when social media companies are under an even greater scrutiny over how their platforms can contribute to mental and physical health issues, especially among young people.
Facebook is currently in the midst of perhaps the biggest crisis in its 17-year history over hate speech and disinformation issues, which have been magnified on the platform.

“As an inventor of bath bombs, I devote all my efforts to creating products that help people relax, unwind and take care of their well-being,” said Jack Constantine, Chief Digital Officer and product inventor at Lush, in a statement. “Social media platforms have become the antithesis of this goal, with algorithms designed to scroll people and keep them from shutting down and relaxing.”

The company said it hopes social media companies will eventually adopt more stringent best practice guidelines. Lush said he will continue to be active on Twitter and YouTube.

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