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Supermarket giants MH and MaxVal-u now offer their customers the convenience and security of shopping at home through their online store

According to a statement from Vodafone Fiji, this has made this more convenient, allowing purchases made online to be paid remotely with M-PAiSA.

“Online shopping has become a common practice among millions of people around the world,†said Carpenters Group Fiji retail and marketing director Kunaseelan Sabaratnam.

“This phenomenon is becoming a way of life in Fiji as people have started to realize the importance of social distancing in protecting their families from COVID infection.

“It also offers greater convenience for shopping, especially the younger generation of consumers who are more tech savvy and prefer to do things ‘on the go’.

“We now offer the convenience of shopping wherever you are and the ability to pay remotely using M-PAiSA at no additional cost through our online store. “

For in-store purchases at all MH and MaxVal-u supermarkets, customers can also make cashless payment using M-PAiSA QR.

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing little sign of slowing down anytime soon, consumers have been urged to choose safe buying options.

“MH’s online shopping certainly delivers that,†Mr. Sabaratnam said.

This was achieved simply by logging into the online store, selecting the items to purchase and adding them to the shopping cart online, then checking and paying with M-PAiSA by clicking on the ‘M-PAiSA payment option.

For purchases over $ 200, there was free delivery within 5 km of any of the MH or MaxVal-u outlets.

Shailendra Prasad, Head of Ecommerce and Mobile Payments at Vodafone Fiji, said consumers today are looking for greater freedom and the ability to do things at their convenience and that with the COVID pandemic they are were also looking for security in their purchases.

“We are very happy to partner with the largest and oldest supermarket chain in Fiji, MH and Max-Val-u, to provide our customers with convenience and security of shopping,†he said. declared.


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