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KOCHI: The Union Government is in an “advanced stage” of enabling e-commerce facilities in its canteen store department (SDR) for the online purchase of goods by its beneficiaries associated with the defense services, a senior official revealed at Vyapar 2022 which ended on Saturday.
According to Major General YP Khanduri, Managing Director of CSD, a meeting of the CSD Board of Directors on July 1 will almost finalize the decision to set up the digital platform, although the 34 physical repositories will continue to operate as d ‘habit. which comes under the Ministry of Defence. Either way, it will boost MSMEs, as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises make up a portion of CSD’s business partners (251 out of a total of 555).
The decision to keep CSD outlets online simultaneously comes in the wake of two years of Covid-19 which restricted physical movement and left a long backlog of supplies, the senior army officer said during a briefing. a seminar from 16 to 18 June. meeting organized here by the Kerala Department of Industries and Commerce.
“Social distancing protocols that came into effect since the pandemic spread in March 2020 have inconvenienced our staff and retirees totaling 45 lakh across the country. They couldn’t come to the canteens,” Gen Maj Khanduri said in his PowerPoint presentation at the JLN International Stadium Ground on Friday night. “Alcohol, however, is only physically accessible from the CSD canteen, as the product involves state-level GST payments.”
The future e-commerce will thus allow CSD card holders to buy groceries and other everyday consumer items in the canteens of La Défense. “The platform will cater to the needs of beneficiaries across India and online bookings will be done 24/7,” the speaker said during his 30-minute lecture on “Protocols of ‘purchase’ as part of the Vyapar 2022 symposium which aimed to reinvigorate the Kerala pandemic. – hit MSME units by organizing an exhibition of products reflecting their technological competence.
Canteens, which typically sell FMCG items, household items, watches and stationery, food and medicine in addition to alcohol and general items, should be streamlined in a timely manner to speed up the disbursement of undelivered orders, Major General Khanduri said, shedding light on CSD with 2,000 employees while giving indirect jobs to another 10,000.
On question, the officer said that CSD does not supply items that require a freezer, as the goods have also reached the most remote parts of the country. “That’s also why we don’t sell products with a shelf life of less than six months,” he added, citing reasonable pricing backed by strict financial control and efficient supply chain management. supply as strengths of the canteens.
A subsequent presentation by the Directorate of Industries (DIC) informed that about 14,000 units of MSMEs have registered in Kerala so far in 2022-23, which is considered the Year of Entrepreneurs. Over SR 100 crore will be disbursed as grant in the current financial year. In addition, 2,195 MSMEs obtained licenses through K-SWIFT, while another 22,206 received Certificates of Recognition, Shri PA Najeeb, Director General (DIC), Ernakulam says the seminary.

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