Top 5 tips for online learning during Covid-19

Since the onset of Covid-19, most of us have been forced to make substantial changes to our daily lifestyle. Whether it’s businesses switching to working from home, households ordering essentials online, or students adapting to off-campus digital learning, we’ve all had to deal with our share of “new normality”.

And despite the many benefits that come with it, students have faced many challenges during their online learning escapades. Therefore, to ease this transition, here is a set of best practices to make online learning efficient and fun at the same time!

Learn from free digital platforms

Students looking to expand their skills may struggle to pay for online courses at top universities. Instead, they can take advantage of digital learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera that offer discounted courses using coupons and promo codes. Moreover, students can also get unlimited access to study materials, offline lesson videos, quizzes, doubt clarification sessions, and many other useful resources for a seamless learning experience.

Currently, students can use the latest Udemy coupons to unlock 100% free courses in areas such as programming, development, design, business, marketing, and more.

Have a dedicated study space

Before the pandemic, your place of study could vary between the local cafe that serves your favorite cup of coffee and the school library. However, these areas are no longer as accessible. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you create a dedicated study space for yourself, free from distractions and talkative housemates.

Avoid being misled by the idea of ​​needing a fancy home office to get things done. Something as small as dedicating a corner to your bedroom can be enough to put you in the zone to check off all the items on your to-do list. Just make sure your study space has plenty of light, a sturdy desk, and everything you need to get the job done – notebooks, writing supplies, and a few houseplants to keep you company. .

Stick to a schedule

When you’re out of college and not in a rush to make it on time for morning class, the urge to nap until noon can quickly spiral out of control. With the benefits of on-demand learning and pre-recorded lectures, the need to stick to a schedule is more important than ever, especially if you want to get the most out of your digital learning experience.

Human beings are a creature of habit, which is why a routine can save you valuable hours by improving your time management skills as well as comprehensive learning abilities. An established study routine can put you in the right frame of mind to study and absorb information faster. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks during the day to let your creativity run wild!

Join virtual study groups

Going from a class of students to isolation and learning alone can be daunting, especially if you like group discussions and talking to your peers. Keep in mind that you are not alone when it comes to studying in solitude during the pandemic. Connect with your friends and classmates to organize virtual study groups where you can engage in discussions and combined learning.

You can use platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc., to create group video call sessions several times a week. New students can contact their professors or university administrators to find out about current study groups or ask for their help in setting up a new one.

Connect with your instructor

Never underestimate the power of a good one-on-one discussion with your instructor or professor. Students often struggle with little things that can be solved in a 5 minute phone call. Also, there is no rule that you can only connect with your teachers when something is wrong.

You can tell them about things you found insightful, a particular part of the conference that resonated with you deeply, or any small detail worth sharing that can go a long way in building your relationship and improving your overall experience. of this class.


The whole learning and teaching process was implemented through virtual channels during the Covid-19. At present, this is the only way to continue the educational process without interrupting or endangering anyone. So even if digital learning isn’t your first choice, these tips can go a long way toward getting the most out of your online learning process.

On the other hand, digital learning doesn’t have to be expensive anymore! Use coupon websites to get the lowest prices for your favorite courses and unlock unlimited access to study materials, video lectures, and more.

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