Univfy and PracticeHwy Announce Partnership to Expand Access to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Platform for Fertility Providers and Patients

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California and IRVING, TX, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Univfy, a global leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to personalize advice and increase access to fertility care, today announced a strategic partnership with PracticeHwy’s electronic medical records solution, eIVF, a pioneer in the fertility industry and a portfolio company of Atlantic Street Capital “ASC”. The goal of the partnership is to bring a higher level of understanding to fertility care by making fertility treatments more affordable, predictable and effective, while supporting the growth of the fertility market.

Univfy’s highly scalable AI/ML platform provides validated IVF success prediction models using each fertility center’s own data to support more effective patient counseling. Patients counseled with the Univfy report are 2-3 times more likely to use the treatment recommended by their doctor, maximizing their chances of having a healthy baby. The partnership with eIVF will support the transmission of data between the Univfy AI platform and the EMR, enabling easy and automated generation of the Univfy PreIVF report and Univfy AI/ML-assisted tool suite.

“This partnership with eIVF will accelerate and automate Univfy point-of-care reporting, making reporting accessible to many more fertility patients,” said Mylene Yao, CEO and co-founder of Univfy. “Providers have requested that Univfy AI/ML products become a standard part of patient care. Patients and providers value the transparency, personalization, and accuracy regarding their IVF success rates, so they can take better decisions about their treatment.”

“PracticeHwy’s collaboration with Univfy reinforces our commitment to our customers to grow eIVF’s suite of offerings with innovative partners,” said Nimesh Shah, CEO of PracticeHwy. “We are thrilled that our partnership is creating a streamlined experience for eIVF’s growing network of fertility centers by providing a simpler and more efficient workflow for physicians and their teams.”

One in eight couples, or 7 million, of childbearing age in the United States and more than 80 million couples worldwide struggle to conceive on their own. IVF is the most successful treatment for most women and couples, but it is vastly underused, likely due to financial risk and physical and emotional stress. The Univfy AI platform is designed to meet the medical, emotional and financial needs of fertility patients.

Last month, Univfy announced that it had raised $6 million from its Series B funding round, which will enable expanded access to Univfy AI/ML services to more patients through fertility centers, employers, benefit programs and health plans.

About Unify

Univfy makes fertility care more affordable, successful, and predictable for women and couples navigating their family-building options. Combining technology and expert customer support, we provide our scientifically validated AI platform, actionable business insights and financial modeling to help fertility centers grow. Univfy’s transparent and personalized advice reports empower patients with personalized insights and advice to inform smarter spending and decision-making. Based on proprietary technology developed at Stanford University, Univfy uses a rigorous scientific process to develop and validate predictive models to support patient counseling in fertility centers. Our methods have been published in top peer-reviewed research publications. Univfy’s personalized prognoses allow fertility centers to offer patients value-based pricing programs that limit patient financial risk and make multiple IVF cycles more affordable. Univfy is marketed in the United States, Canada, and EU. Univfy compliance includes HIPAA and GDPR. We have a global IP portfolio. Univfy PreIVF report is CE marked as medical device software in the EU. Visit www.univfy.com for more information.

About PracticeHwy

PracticeHwy is a healthcare software leader serving more than 140 fertility practices and clinics worldwide. In 2002, they launched eIVF, one of the first electronic medical record (EMR) platforms focused on reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) practices. Since then, eIVF has supported data capture for over one million cycles. Known for its pursuit of excellence in the fertility industry, PracticeHwy.com has enjoyed a steady growth trajectory over the years by continually developing innovative solutions that support all aspects of a fertility clinic’s operations. fertility. For more information about eIVF, visit www.eivf.org.

About Atlantic Street Capital

ASC is a private equity firm that invests in lower middle market companies ready for the next level of growth. The firm targets enterprising management partners and fundamentally sound companies between $4 million and $25 million EBITDA that will benefit from ASC’s capital investments and value-added strategic and operational support. Therefore, ASC works closely with management to unlock the underlying value of their business and help them succeed. For more information, visit http://www.atlanticstreetcapital.com.

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