Veteran game company Koch Media is changing its name to Plaion

Koch Media changed its name to Plaion in part because the company’s original name was difficult to pronounce.

28-year-old Koch Media was acquired by massive gaming conglomerate Embracer Group in 2018. After almost three decades as Koch (pronounced kotsch), the company is rebranding.

Managing Director Klemens Kundratitz explained the rationale for the rebranding: “It’s more impactful, there’s an external statement, but it’s also an internal statement for our employees. We’re opening this new chapter , they are part of it, we are a modern, growing, ambitious global company, and that energizes people internally” (via


Kundratitz also admitted that “Koch” is “sometimes difficult for some people to pronounce.” The rebranding will not accompany a change in strategy for Plaion, but rather a new look with which the company is excited to face the future.

As for Plaion’s future plans, they are looking to continue the rapid growth they have experienced under the Embracer umbrella: “We are growing in all areas. It’s certainly not a departure from physical distribution. Our mantra is that we want to deliver games where and how people want to play them: physical, digital, collector’s editions. However people want to consume our content, we’re here. We are committed to the physical space for the long term, but we must also constantly reinvent ourselves. »

Plaion has seen massive growth since its acquisition, tripling the number of employees within the company and launching several of its own acquisitions, including Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the Shadow Warrior series.

It’s a fortuitous time for Plaion to remarket ahead of the Gamescom convention where the company plans to have a big presence on its home turf. Kundratitz then compared his company to Facebook, which was recently rebranded as Meta. “I mean, Facebook also continues to be Facebook, so it’s not that different,” he shared.

Plaion’s consumer-facing brands, such as Ravenscourt, Prime Matter and Deep Silver, will not change following the rebranding.

In other industry news, Tencent is reportedly seeking to become Ubisoft’s largest shareholder by buying more stakes from the Guillemot family.

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