“We searched Swansea’s largest charity shop and here’s what we found”

Swansea’s biggest charity shop has opened and is full of hidden treasures.

The hypermarket opened by Cancer Research UK in the West Swansea Retail Park was greeted by a local school choir with dozens of shoppers hoping to grab a bargain.

Designer and vintage clothing, large pieces of furniture, fine china and retro DVDs and CDs are just a few of the many ranges customers have sought out for a prized possession.

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The larger charity store joins Barnado’s which recently opened in the retail park opposite with some bargains of its own.

The Cancer Research UK hypermarket is the 29th in the UK with further branches opening in Cardiff and Newport.

It’s Swansea’s largest charity store at 8,000 square feet of floor space with a charm shoppers seem to love.

Hearing a customer exit the store; “It’s bargain country in there, I could fill my house but I only have a pair of hands” holding two seemingly large carrier bags.

We set out to find some of the best bargains on offer and weren’t disappointed, most items you could buy for pocket change, up to £3.

The store, which is divided into different sections, even has its own designated “deposit” station for people to make their own donations to cancer research.

The store is huge – you don’t even know where to start

Fina china and ornaments were available for £3

Electronics were the most valuable options at £23.99

Upon entering the store, you get a real idea of ​​how many treasures might be hidden. With sections for homewares, clothing, electronics, furniture, and media, you could spend hours within its walls.

With 11 staff members on hand, questions and conversations were ongoing as customers and employees made the most of day one.

A shopper who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘I really only shop at charity shops for clothing at the moment, I think it’s wonderful that we have such a great store for a great cause.’

Branded backpacks were £3 or less

£3 for fun classic board games

You can get 5 albums or CDs for £1

As you walk through the store, you get a familiar view and theme that presents itself; everything is an absolute bargain.

“Everything £3 or less” signs are dotted on the walls, with more shoppers entering rather than leaving as the hypermarket fills up.

Honestly, I could have bought all three items and been happy with my purchases, but there were a number of people ogling the exceptional value of the music.

£1 for a number of children’s games

‘Best Selling’ authors were on the shelves with 2 for £1

Bundles too good to refuse with 5 boxes and films for £1

Finding gems in charity shops is sometimes like stepping back in time; to look back wistfully at some of the best times I had to offer – admittedly, I’m referring to the movie Life of Brian and Heroes.

Wacky children’s games; like ‘Poo head’ is sure to keep the whole family laughing with bestselling novels up for grabs for pennies.

The book, DVD and album bundles were all exceptional value and a trip down memory lane for myself.

Designer children’s shirts can go for £10-20, not in charity shops

A Portuguese fan had to swap his top for a Bale jersey.

Charity shops seem to me to be a gold mine for children’s clothing. With designer football t-shirts and jerseys, who wouldn’t want the second best footballer in the world? (Bale is the first)

All for the value of pocket change, even kids can have fun at a charity shop.

Superdry shirts are around £30 but only £2 here

Did you know there was a GAP store in Swansea years ago?

A Fred Perry t-shirt for £3

Charity shops are a treasure trove for designer clothes, and hidden amongst all the shirts are some great bargains. A large amount of women’s clothing was also available for formal and casual occasions.

Both men’s and women’s shoes were available for £3

Canapes were a frequent stopping point for customers taking a break from shopping

Women’s and men’s shoe options were on offer at the bargain price of £3, a wide range of shoes for all occasions. Furniture was by far the most expensive item in the store, you could choose to have the cushions to match for £3 or pick up the whole sofa for £150 to be delivered to your door. Although the new wooden tables and glass tables are around the £100 mark, with one customer opting to buy a set on debut day. “It’s a good deal” they said.

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