Why isn’t the media concerned about rising anti-Semitism in the Biden era?

Is no one in the national media concerned about the very chilling brush up on anti-Semitism that happened on President Biden’s watch over the weekend?

I was watching MSNBC all day Monday and didn’t see it mentioned once. Come to think of it, hardly anyone in MSNBC or CNN or in the administration or in the Democrats’ congressional offices seemed to think this was a big deal at the start of the week.

The number of tweets President Biden’s FBI sent over the weekend regarding a Muslim extremist who took hostages at a Texas synagogue on Saturday: zero.

The number of tweets Biden’s FBI sent out over the weekend seeking information about random men and women photographed during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, an incident that happened more than a year ago. year: five.

Democrats, Biden’s Justice Department, CNN and MSNBC have spent the entire month talking about the Jan. 6 “anniversary.” .

This is a serious episode of anti-Jewish hatred – let’s not pretend we don’t know why someone by the name of “Malik” would specifically go after a Jewish place of worship – which the media is are much cared for during a period beginning in 2015 and curiously ending on January 20, 2021.

When Robert Bowers, 46, shot down Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue in October 2018, the media had no problem tracing it to then-President Trump. Because Trump held a campaign-style rally that day (it was just days before the midterm elections), MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough noted the president was “sending a message to white nationalists” that the tragedy “doesn’t bother me that much.”

You could say that the media was more interested in this episode than this weekend’s because unlike the hostage crisis, where no one but the perpetrator was killed, 11 people died in the Pittsburgh Massacre.

But this argument does not hold. Much less serious and non-fatal events under Trump have been blanketed in the same hysteria.

In 2017, an angry drunk knocked over more than 100 headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri. Before it was known the guy was simply acting after an argument with a friend, The New York Times covered the vandalism with the title, “Threats and vandalism leave American Jews on edge in the Trump era.” (It also didn’t benefit the media when the man turned out to be black, rather than the favorite male Caucasian villain)

Could the media find American Jews ‘on edge’ after discovering that a crazed Muslim took a gun from one of their sacred spaces and threatened to start shooting? This is the Biden era, after all.

And it’s not like that’s the only attack on Jews lately. The leftist Anti-Defamation League, which the media loves to quote, reports some 386 “incidents” of anti-Semitic violence, verbal abuse, vandalism and intimidation that have taken place in the United States since Biden’s inauguration.

What is this ugly underbelly of bigotry that has sprung up in the Biden era?

Biden and his FBI certainly don’t seem keen on answering that. When the president was questioned about the hostage-taking, during which Akram required the release of imprisoned al-Qaeda associate Biden noted he did not have “enough information” to understand why it was a synagogue that was targeted, nor “why he was using anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli comments”.

Immediately after the incident, The Associated Press reported that FBI officials said Akram’s intentions were “specifically focused on [an] issue unrelated to the Jewish community.

It’s an obvious lie. And the agency released a separate statement afterwards. promising, “We never lose sight of the threat that extremists pose to the Jewish community and other religious, racial and ethnic groups.”

This is the Biden era. I have a feeling that some Jews might be “on the nerves”.

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