Woman shares online shopping hack that could mean big savings with every single click purchase

Shopping fanatics praised a woman after she revealed a smart way to save money while shopping online.

We all know the dreaded moment of getting to the checkout and realizing the damage you’ve done to your bank account and not wanting to part with an item you love that could be out of stock at any time. .

However, with this trick, you could save money every time you shop online without having to wait for a big sale.

Speaking to Twitter, the woman said: “Buy in £ and pay with revolut. Lots of UK stores like River Island, M&S etc. have a massive markup in euros.

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She then gave the example of a blazer that cost £ 70 on the UK website and € 94 on the Irish site when it should have been just € 84.

People couldn’t believe the hack was so simple and could save them so much.

One woman commented: “Interesting! Doesn’t the website copy that you buy in Ireland or do you shop in the app? “

To which the shopping expert replied, “I think the only dubious one I’ve come across is Next (another markup culprit). The trick works on both apps and websites. I regularly buy from the River Island and ASOS apps in pounds sterling and just entered my Irish address and it will calculate the usual shipping costs.

She added, “Check out a website and see how far you’re going before you pay when in doubt.

“I tend to verify that I am really saving, but I have been doing this for years and think I have saved hundreds by avoiding surcharges and bank charges if I were to buy in £ with my normal card.”

She then gave another example of M&S markup that showed the same coat for sale on the UK site for £ 99 and € 140 on the Irish site when it should only be € 119.

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