Worst mistake you can make while shopping online that experts say leads to so many spam calls


Is there something you can’t buy online? Especially during the pandemic, it seems everyone has taken to the internet to stock up on everything from toilet paper to towels. While it’s super convenient, the downside to shopping online is that you still have to be extra careful about the sites you frequent. You should never enter your credit card information on an old website you find – and you might unknowingly give away information that gets you straight into the arms of spammers. Do you want to know how to avoid this and protect yourself? This is the worst mistake you can make when shopping online that experts say leads to so many spam calls.

Here’s the deal: There are more than a few mistakes you could make when shopping online, but the good news is, they’re all preventable.

According to Daniela Sawyer, founder and business development strategist of FindPeopleFast.net, here are the main mistakes you make when shopping online that can lead to spam:

  • When you are asked to make an immediate payment without being allowed to freely ask questions about the product.
  • When you are asked to pay for the product you want to purchase in a specific way, such as with a prepaid debit card.
  • When you are redirected from the page or website where you want to purchase a product to another and need to click certain buttons, submit your credentials or provide access to certain information. When you do, you expose yourself to multiple spam calls.
  • When you submit your credit or debit card numbers over the phone, it can lead to unwanted calls.
  • When you choose specific calls when shopping online.
  • You may also receive spam calls when you submit your personal information to the site, such as phone numbers or emails.

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To avoid spam calls, Sawyer makes three suggestions:

Stop submitting your personal information on the Internet.

Don’t pick a call from the numbers you see online if it’s from the business. Picking up numbers like that could make you a target.

Shop only at reputable online stores.

A few ways to make sure a website is legitimate include checking contact details (to make sure they exist), making sure the domain name looks credible, and browsing their social media presence looking signs that it is solid and contains real followers and reviewers. From there, shop with caution.

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